Fostering Communities Through Storytelling

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Residents from Brightview Avondell, Bel Air MD

Senior Sleuths is an immersive weekly group experience for senior communities that brings active adults together using storytelling to solve mysteries.

These exciting activities will not only challenge the residents’ problem-solving, recall, dexterity and fine motor skills, they will also provide a welcome break from traditional senior programming and encourage socialization through collaborative group effort.

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Each 12-week series includes an easy-to-follow director’s guide for activity staff to lead residents through conspiracy theories, suspenseful and whodunit mysteries created just for continuing care senior living communities.

Recruit your residents, place your order and get started! You will receive a series box for each participating resident to begin the activity, then two supplemental packages providing more activities and clues at four and eight weeks into the activity.  The activities and contents of the initial box and subsequent packages will lead your residents toward solving the mystery.

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Residents From All Over The United States Love Senior Sleuths

Senior Sleuths is an innovative experience that combines cognitively stimulating activities with a thrilling mystery told through physical objects.

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Our industry has needed something like this for a long time, as our cognitive activities are woefully inadequate.
— Ron Herbert, Divisional Vice President of Operations, EmpRes Healthcare

Research has proven that our aging population needs to exercise and challenge their minds in order to stay physically and mentally fit. Senior Sleuths was designed to do just that, and more.

We hope that over time you will see improvement in your residents’ cognitive abilities in areas such as attentional control, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, decision making and problem solving. Additionally, our program aims to help enhance senior residents’ working memory, dexterity and overall cognitive wellness.

While your residents will certainly find Senior Sleuths cognitively stimulating and thoroughly entertaining, they will also enjoy and benefit from the socialization that these group activities provide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Sign Up for This Program?

Click here for online sign up or call Ernie Tompkins, Sales Manager at 410-952-8631.

How Long Do Packages Take To Ship?

Once your order is placed, you will receive your first shipment in two weeks delivered to the designated property.

Can we order multiple mysteries at once?

Every order starts with our first series; Un-Tangled. After your residents finish Un-Tangled, they can begin the next story; Shuffled. A new story will be revealed every 12 weeks.

How Long Does The Mystery Last?

Each experience in the series lasts twelve weeks.

What if my residents need help?

After your order is placed, we will send out an Activity Director training video and you will receive an Activity Director’s Guide each month with all the answers needed to guide your residents through the weekly activities and overall experience.

What if my package is missing items?

If any items are missing, please click here to fill out our Missing Items Form and we’ll get replacements to you.

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Place Your Order Today

Engage your community with a thrilling experience that will entertain them for months on end.

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