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Three unremarkable world events recently happened in a 24-hour period in three different parts of the world. The NSA’s supercomputer had a brilliant and very secret algorithm that found these events significant enough to call them out to an intelligence analyst named Robert Reed who was a bit perplexed as he scanned his report.

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Las Vegas, Nevada— Always an international vacation hot spot.  Las Vegas is a glitzy weekend retreat primarily for Southern Californians looking for gambling and entertainment. The organized crime visitors from Chicago and New York stand out like strangers in a land from the toned, tanned Angelinos. But the word is getting out to the rest of the U.S. Risqué tales of huge gambling jackpots and topless showgirls appear in East Coast and Midwest newspapers. Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin talked up Las Vegas on network TV appearances, but the one thing that is really putting Las Vegas in the forefront of America’s cultural barometer is… a movie.